Student Life

Student Life Ministry

Student Life Ministry includes Jr. and Sr. High School (6th – 12th grade) students and leaders that come together under the umbrella of our Family Life Ministry.  Our goal is to provide a place that assists families in the following ways:

We are purposeful in training and disciplining students through subject matter, repetition, action, and opportunity.

To ensure the student will leave this ministry having learned Biblical concepts and lifestyle objectives that will forge Christ-like character traits, healthy self-esteem, motivate good decision making, and ensure a personal relationship with Christ has been established and grown.

To inspire young people and families
to understand their faith, seek after God,
serve others, get connected,
and take God into their world.

Strategy to Accomplish This:

Purposeful Planning Content:
(1) Apologetics: What do I believe? How do I defend my faith?
(2) Relationship Skills: Respect for my family and others, dealing with aspects of peer pushing.
(3) Life and Self-Esteem: Knowing who I am in Christ and how to make good choices.
(4) Basics of Bible, Prayer, and Worship: How to effectively pray and live a lifestyle of worship.

Repetition & Reinforcement: 
A person needs to hear a concept 6 times before it becomes solidified in their memory and action process.  We have year-long events and activities for our students and families to reinforce their learning.

Opportunity of Student Leadership:
Our students will begin to function on a higher level and further their growth by being given opportunities to minister and put into practice what they have learned.